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Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance Testing

Most of the chronic illnesses of our time are rooted in inflammation. Food Intolerance will exacerbate this situation because such foods are pro- inflammatory.

Some of the conditions we see results with in clinic are:
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Muscle Aches/Joint Pain
Nasal congestion
Indigestion Fatigue

Unlike a food allergy in which the reaction to the food occurs almost immediately, a food intolerance reaction is usually delayed by many hours or even many days. For example, the cheese eaten on Monday could be the cause of the asthma attack on Wednesday.

These Intolerance reactions are triggered by a specific antibody – IgG. It is these delayed reactions which make the detection of culprit foods a very difficult task without the help of expert laboratory testing.

There are two different food tests available:

93 Food Intolerance Test €255

This is a very comprehensive food intolerance test checking 93 of the most common foods known to cause Intolerance. As with all of these tests, each food is tested individually. Given that wheat and dairy products are common Intolerance foods for a lot of people, it is important to also test foods that can be used as an alternative. Some of the most popular and most nutritious alternatives include goats products, soya and spelt bread.

200 Food Intolerance Test €340

This is the most comprehensive food Intolerance test available, checking your reaction to over 200 foods. Each item is tested individually and you will receive the exact IgG antibody score for each food listed. Because of the wide range of foods analysed, this test will provide people with the widest range of replacement foods which you can then use safely as an alternative.

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