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So I’ve been very quiet on social media for the last few months…the odd
post here and there!
To say the last 3 months have been mad would be an understatement and a half!!
In July, I text my clients saying I was closing for a week and would
be back with some very exciting news…however the exciting news never
came as at the same time, my Dad ended up in hospital. Unfortunately,
his time was up so we had to say goodbye on August 11 to the legend
that was George Kehoe. One paper described him as one of Co. Wexfords
best known business men so I hope going forward I can be as good at my
job as he was at his!
During the summer I thought business would quieten down as everyone
would be off on their holidays having a great time….but thankfully
that was not the case! It’s been such a crazy few months and I want to
thank you all for for being great clients and for keeping me busy in
dark times!
So what was the exciting news I hear you say???
In one word…..Environ!!!
If you’ve been in clinic or have been following the Skin Nerd, you’ll
have heard the word cosmeceutical being mentioned. It’s a word to
describe active skincare brands. Both Image and Environ fall into
this great family of skincare products, but what does that mean for
your skin you ask?!
Cosmeceuticals have higher percentages of active ingredients and
penetrate deeper into the skin. The top layer of our skin is
composed of dead skin cells, so if we want to see changes in our skin,
it’s imperative that we use a cosmeceutical skincare range to
penetrate to the living layer of our skin!
Environ Skincare was founded by a South African Plastic Surgeon called
Dr. Des Fernandes. After losing two of his young patients to skin
cancer, Dr. Des felt he needed to understand more about malignant
melanoma and so his research lead him to the miraculous effects
Vitamin A has on the skin.
At first he gave away these creams to his plastic surgery clients to
prepare their skin before their surgeries. In those days he had a 6
month waiting list to see him, as one does when you’re one of the Top
10 plastic surgeons in the World!! But as word spread of the
impressive results from Environ Skincare, his waiting list grew even
From clients seeing unusually good skin changes and of course telling
their friends, Environ grew and is now available across the World,
including Wexford Skin Clinic!
Environ Skincare uses a very clever step-up system which increases the
level of Vitamin A to your skin gradually and healthily. Vitamin A is
the one key molecule essential for normal function of
cells….remember if your cells are working optimally, your skin will
look more youthful.
Unfortunately Vitamin A is extremely photosensitive and is destroyed
by sunlight. Only 10-20 minutes of full sunlight (once there’s
daylight there’s sunlight) will destroy as much as 90% of the Vitamin
A in our skin and it takes longer than 24 hours to restore it back to
normal levels….hence why sun exposure is the factor that causes most
skin ageing!
Taking the Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Vit A supplement
alongside your cosmeceutical topical skincare is an excellent way to super
charge your skincare.
In as little as 6-8 weeks my clients are amazed with the difference in their
skin from Day 1 to Day 42!!
So why did I take on another cosmeceutical? I have been working with
Image Skincare for 4 years now and I was an “Image girl” through and
through…then a little Environ package arrived in the post for me one
day and of course, I fell in love again!!
I now use both Image and Environ together on my skin and all I can say is WOW!!!
If you would like to find out what you should be using on your skin to
see incredible changes, you can contact me (Belinda) on 087-2508772
and we can make an appointment for your Skin Fitness Assessment!