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There are two types of ageing. There is Intrinsic ageing and Extrinsic ageing.

Intrinsic ageing

Intrinsic ageing may also be called chronological aging. This is the natural ageing process and is responsible for about 20% of aging.It is very difficult to control because it is determined by genes. It is the reason why some people begin to see grey hairs in their 20’s and others may be well into their 40’s or maturer before they experience greying hair.

Extrinsic Ageing

The other ageing is Extrinsic factor and this is the one we can work on together! 80% of premature aging is caused by lifestyle choices such as unprotected sun exposure, repetitive facial expressions, poor skincare regimens, smoking, unhealthy diet and emotional stress.

Extrinsic ageing is highly controllable with a simple daily skincare regime and holistic lifestyle approach.

At Wexford Skin & Health Clinic, we use a medical grade skincare line called Image, which contains daily UVA/UVB protection, retinols and peptides to stimulate collagen, hyaluronic acid to add moisture and volume and plant derived stem cells to extend the life of your skin’s stem cells.

All vital ingredients to help you “Age Later!”

While these ingredients are vital in ageing, so are your lifestyle choices, so we also take a naturopathic approach to gently achieve better overall health. After all that’s why we water a plant at the root and watch the flowers blossom!!

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