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The vast majority of acne scars result from persistent cases of inflammatory acne affecting the same area of skin. Individuals who suffer from consistent nodular and cystic acne lesions are most at risk of developing acne scarring. This is especially true when an area is affected by overlapping acne outbreaks with no opportunity to heal inbetween.

When we get an infected spot, the body’s immune response is to send white blood cells to the area, this is what mostly makes up the pus that comes out when you pop a zit. While these white blood cells are our body’s weapons to destroy pathogens and foreign invaders, they can also cause damage to the surroundings cells and tissues.

In cases of persistent infection and inflammation, the body is not able to repair the cells fast enough to keep up with the damage.

Treatments for Acne Scarring: Medical Microneedling


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