My complaint was large breakouts on my face and shoulders, my forehead felt like sandpaper which left me with endless skin itching and dryness. I work in public sector, so this was a big problem for me mentally as well, every time someone looked at me I felt need to turn away just so they couldn’t see my spots. This also led me to using heavy makeup as I tried to cover up years of bad skincare, in which I can only blame myself.  Naturally my breakouts were worse thru the menstrual cycle, some months I was literally sitting in bed crying and scratching my face.

After doing some research I came across Wexford Skin Clinic and decided to book consultation. After skin fitness assessment Belinda suggested few products from Environ and Image skincare ranges as well as Skin Accumax. Progress wasn’t fast, but I got there step by step. Yes, I still get breakouts, but not as extreme I used to. My skin products have changed a bit since the first consultation and I now also using Jane Iredale make-up.

Today I can say, it was one of the best decisions I have made! To the girls in Wexford Skin Clinic I refer as my “Skin Angels”, they are so professional and extremely nice. I am forever thankful what you all have done for me. I am not conscious of my skin anymore, I smile when I get asked what skin products I am using as my skin is so healthy looking.

I highly recommend Wexford Skin Clinic to everyone!