Having suffered from acne for 10 years, in 2014 I visited Belinda. I had tried various products and treatments over the years, I had even been on put on Roaccutane by my dermatologist three times and  it hadn’t worked for me.
Belinda did a thorough consultation of my skincare regime, my diet and even my stress levels as I was in my final college year at the time! She explained to me the importance of having a healthy digestive system and the impact it can have on your skin.
I started on the Image Clear Cell line which is especially for acne. Then a couple of weeks later I started a course of peels. I also did some acupuncture sessions, to aid digestion and ease stress levels.
I am thrilled with my skin now, I still get the odd breakout but nothing like before. I have been left with some scarring so I’m now undergoing a course of Microneedling, even after my 1st treatment I can see a good improvement and for the first time people are now commenting positively on my skin!!!