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As April is Rosacea Awareness Month and we see so many clients with this chronic skin condition we thought it would be an appropriate subject for our first blog!

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition, which typically strikes between the ages of 30 to 50. It may initially present as inexplicable blushing on cheeks, nose, chin and/or forehead and can disappear as quickly as it arrived! Unfortunately it happens again and again, lasting longer each time. Early diagnosis and correct treatment are key as without treatment, Rosacea will progress!

Rosacea Signs & Symptoms include: 

– Redness on cheeks, nose, chin and/or forehead

– Small visible blood vessels on face

– Bumps or pimples on face

– Watery or irritated eyes

While it is not yet known what the cause of Rosacea is, we do know that certain lifestyle and enviromental factors have been found to trigger flare-ups of the condition.

WSC Rosacea

Common triggers include:

– Sun exposure

– Hot / Cold weather or wind

– Spicy foods & alcohol

– Stress

– Wrong skincare products

The good news is that using the right skincare and lifestyle changes can effectively control Rosacea. At Wexford Skin Clinic, we are privileged to work with a skincare range which initially came about as a result of Rosacea.

Janna Ronert, founder of Image Skincare, searched high and low for treatments and homecare to manage her Rosacea but nothing seemed to work. Janna developed the Image Vital C range which uses 3 forms of vitamin C to rejuvenate and plump the skin.

While the right skincare is paramount to manage Rosacea, lifestyle changes may also be necessary to reduce flare-ups:

Diet: Follow an anti-inflammatory diet to including lots of Omaga-rich foods like coconut

         oil, oily fish, nut & seeds.

         Eat a variety of multi-coloured vegetables to increase anti-oxidant intake to protect 

          the skin.

         Limit sugar intake!

Water: Drink at least 1.5ltrs filtered water daily to keep the skin hydrated.

Stress Reduction: Practice yoga, tai chi or meditation.

SPF: Use a broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) SPF to protect skin from damaging UV rays.

If you think you may be suffering from Rosacea and would like some advice please do not hesitate to contact us at the Wexford Skin Clinic, email:

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