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Skin Fitness Assessment

The first appointment for all our clients is a Skin Fitness Assessment. This is where results stem from!

Itʼs also where we impart a great deal of knowledge to our clients so that you understand the functionality of your skin and why you are using the ingredients we have recommended for you.

To aid us in our diagnosis we work with the Observ Analysis System, which allows us and our clients to see beneath the surface of your skin so that we can gain an accurate and more detailed interpretation of your skin.

Our assessment also includes an introductory treatment. This allows you to experience active skincare and kickstarts your results-driven programme.

At the end of your 1.5 hour assessment, your therapist will prescribe an at home and in-clinic treatment plan specifically tailored to your skinsʼ concerns.

Enjoy your skin fitness assessment in a relaxed setting at our Wexford Skin Clinic.