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If you’ve been to visit us at Wexford Skin Clinic you’ll know that we take an holistic approach to skincare. Not only do we use Image Skincare, the fastest growing cosmeceutical in the World but we also encourage our clients to nourish their skin from within. Whether it’s acupuncture and lifestyle advice for puffy eyes or nutrition and stress relieving techniques for acne, we believe that healthy skin begins from within.

In our busy lives and with food not being as nutrient-dense as it once was, it can be hard to get enough vitamins and minerals to feed our bodies, never mind our skin!

Welcome, Advanced Nutrition Programme!
The Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP) is a premium range of skin supplements which support healthy skin and helps enhance overall wellbeing. There are so many supplements on the market that it can be hard to choose the best but as a Naturopath I believe that the quantity and quality of nutrients in ANP are at levels that can really make a difference to your skin and health.

For example, Skin Omegas + contain the same amount of Omega 3 & 6 as 10 salmon fillets in just 1 capsule!! In Wexford Skin Clinic, Skin Omegas + are our best seller. We have seen cases of eczema dramatically improve in just 1 week!

ANP Skin Accumax was created as a natural alternative to Roaccutane for the treatment of acne and hormonal breakouts. The results in the pictures speak for themselves!

Or did you know that if you are a smoker or live with a smoker that each cigarette depletes 100mg of Vitamin C?! In terms of our skin, we need Vitamin C to make collagen, to repair capillary walls and to help protect us from free radical damage…oh and don’t forget how critical Vitamin C is to our immune system to fight all those nasty colds and flus!

To find out more about which supplements you should be taking for your skins needs, you can contact us on 087-2508772 or emailĀ
You can also view the full range of Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements in our shop here