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Belle’s Blog – A Tip for a Rosacea sufferer

By 21/04/2015November 16th, 2022No Comments

As April is Rosacea awareness month, we have a TIP to share with you on how to identify what triggers your Rosacea

Belle’s Tip – Keep a Rosacea diary….

What affects one Rosacea sufferer may not affect the next so keeping a diary to identify what triggers your Rosacea flare-up can be very beneficial.

Some of the most common irritants are:
Sun Exposure
Heavy Exercise
Spicy Food
Unsuitable Skincare

While others may find certain foods eg.dairy or medications can cause a flare-up. Try to record in your diary your daily food & beverage intake, activities eg. exercise, sauna; and any personal care products you used to help you recognise your personal triggers.



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