Initial Consultation – €80

Follow up – €45

Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine which focuses on treating the underlying causes of disease by assessing and treating the patient as a whole. At Wexford Skin Clinic we have a strong focus on helping the body return to optimal health via its own mechanisms. Within Naturopathy, a modern science approach is combined with naturopathic principles, including the healing power of nature , to recognise the body’s capacity to overcome dis-ease. At our clinic, we conduct an extensive consultation with our clients to discover the underlying cause of a condition. This includes understanding our clients symptoms, emotional and spiritual status, diet, lifestyle and stress to treat our clients from a holistic perspective.

In treatment we may use a variety of approaches including acupuncture (link), nutrition, vitamin/ mineral/herbal supplementation, relaxation techniques etc.
Where appropriate we may recommend our clients to osteopaths, counsellors etc.

At a time where modern hectic lifestyles, environmental pollution, bad diets and stress play an enormous role, Naturopathy is gaining importance. The latest surveys in the U.K. have found that 81% of the population prefer natural medicine. With chronic ailments especially, the Naturopath is increasingly the last resort in a patient’s long search for health. Naturopathy may often be able to treat conditions for which the western medical establishment has limited success or interest.