“Let thy food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food”
– Hippocrates, Greek Physician & Father of Medicine

You’ve probably read the above quote numerous times but health always comes back to simplicity…in the busy, fast-paced world we live in it’s all about convenience ¬†as we are in such a rush to get from a to b! Our ancestors grew their own “organic food”, they cooked it over flames and ate it while they conversed with their loved ones….we buy something that resembles food in a plastic container, we blast it at extreme temperatures for 2 mins which further depletes the already nutritionless “food” and then we sit in front of a TV watching drama and violence… It’s no wonder our health system is under so much strain…

If our body is tired instead of listening to it we drink a coffee or a glucose-laden energy drink to push us through, ignoring our bodies needs….and then we get sick and we dose ourselves with chemicals to try dampen down the symptoms so that we can “keep going”!

Along the way we develop chronic illness like IBS (digestive problems) , anxiety & depression, chronic fatigue & stress, arthritis etc etc and unfortunately these dis-eases are now considered part of life in Western cultures!

At Wexford Health & Skin Clinic, we aim to find out the reason for these chronic illnesses and treat them naturally with acupuncture, supplementation and lifestyle advice like

  • nutrition,
  • stress management,
  • exercise
  • spiritual practice.

Emotional issues can also be a huge part of healing and sometimes we may refer clients to our inhouse counsellor.

As part of finding the root cause of dis-ease, we work with Fitzwillam Food Intolerance & Genova Diagnostics Europe who are a global leader in functional laboratory testing and a pioneer in innovative approaches to personalised medicine. Through Genova, we can offer a series of diagnostic tests which will provide a more complete picture of health of the individual and help indentify problems which may be causing you discomfort before chronic conditions or disease develop.

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